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With the gift-giving season around the corner, we’re all hoping to find goldmine ideas when it comes to giving gifts, and some of these ideas, though may not be too innovative in 2016, still look attractive! A novel one that is much appreciated by people who love expressing creativity, or those looking for that special touch to get the right, desirable vibes in their personal space, is to get canvas prints customised with an image they exactly want. With customised prints, it is also possible for you to turn artworks or images into a number of prints and give them to other people you know would much appreciate them. Making and giving copies of a particular image using the latest inkjet technology, be it your childhood pics or that contemporary painting your loved one has been swooning over, is very promising when it comes to bringing happiness to others this season. For this, it is possible to buy canvas prints online for yourself or even for you to give away.

Quite a Purposeful Exercise

Art is a creative work and the artist paints only one-of-a-kind and depending on its popularity, the painting gets sold and resold till it reaches a collector or an enthusiast. Now, others may not get the opportunity to see these paintings and enjoy them. Some replicas are definitely made at times, but they also may be out of reach of many people. This has led to this idea of transferring the painting on to canvas prints through the use of inkjet printing technology and these prints are known as giclée prints. Many copies can be made and one nice painting can go on to adorn the walls of many homes. People can buy these canvas prints online even.


Different Designs and Shapes

Those who do this printing have the option to make the prints and put them out in the market in different sizes and shapes. Obviously, the buyers will be there from different backgrounds; residents of small and large homes, offices and institutions and then the commercial premises like malls and theatres. So the canvas prints online can be picked in rectangle, square and panoramic shapes.Read more at Inkfx Printing

Large Range of Sizes in Each

Within each of these shapes, also, one can pick from a wide range of sizes. For example, the rectangle canvas prints are available from a small 8 x 10inches print to 40 x 78inches print. The same is for the other shapes as well. You can order these prints of any painting with further detailed instructions on the edges, cropping and resizing of the image and so on. Once you have made all these selections and ordered the number of prints you need, you can make the payment and check out. The supplier will charge you for deliveries, except where you opt to pick up from their outlet in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Quality and Warranty

The canvas prints you order come with a quality assurance from the printers and according to their website, these prints can last as long as 200 years if they are hung indoors and regular care is taken. There is even a replacement warranty if you found the print not up to your satisfaction on receipt, no questions asked. With these assurances, the customers feel comfortable uploading their valuable paintings online and get prints made. If you are moving into a new house of your own, what better way than to have 1 or 2 prints for each of the rooms to lift their aesthetic looks?

Getting one or multiple prints made in canvas of nice works of art is a great way to enjoy the paintings and let others also into the fun.

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