How a Responsive Website Design Can Boost Your SEO

With the advent of other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, a lot of web users rely on these devices to access the internet. Is your website adaptable? If not, then you could lose out on potential customers and fail at your search engine optimization too. With reputable web designing companies such as Bricks and Mortar Creative, you can create a responsive web design to ensure the best experience for your users whatever device they use. In addition, you can also improve your SEO performance – hence, it is a win-win situation!
Whether you are hiring a professional to create a Magento website design or wordpress website design, you should focus on responsiveness. A responsive website design can offer a boost in your SEO. Find out how here:
Google Loves Responsive Websites
It is a proven fact and one that SEO experts always recommend to their clients: make your design responsive! You should not just design your website for the PC users; make sure that mobile users will get the same quality and interactive experience on your website too! By doing that, you are able to reach out to more potential customers. And it is always a good idea to do what Google loves – that is, if you want to get ranked faster!
Avoid Duplicity
While Google loves responsive website designs, it hates duplicate content. If you are going to design your website separately (one for the desktop and one of the mobile device), it will be flagged as duplicate content. Since Google does not like duplicate content, your SEO performance could suffer a dip or you could get penalized by Google! Opting for a responsive web design will make it easier since it will adapt according to the device being used to access your website.
Reduced Bounce Rate
If your website is not responsive to a mobile device, mobile users will quickly get out of your website as soon as they click on it! A high bounce rate is not good for your SEO and will cause your ranking on search engines to drop significantly. You need to hire a reliable web design company like Bricks and Mortar Creative to create a responsive design that presents information on a mobile device like it would on a desktop site.
Improve Mobile Search Ranking
As mentioned earlier, more people are now accessing the web through their mobile devices. When you create a responsive design that is fit for mobile users, you will also increase your chances of being ranked in mobile searches. The more visits you can get through mobile search, the better your overall SEO performance will be.
Improved User Experience
Even though the SEO benefits of enhancing the responsiveness of your website, the overall user experience is what you need to focus on. If your website visitors have a good experience on your website during their first visit, you can expect that they will be returning to your website. On the other hand, if they had a bad experience browsing your website, you should not expect them to give you another chance. While it is good to focus on search engine optimization, the real human experience should be your number one priority.
You can get started on improving your website design’s responsiveness today. Choose a company like Bricks and Mortar Creative to create that design you’ve wanted that will be adaptable to any platform!
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