Service packages offered by the best Canberra bicycle stores

Bicycles are great modes of transportation, especially when you do not want to walk. Moreover, they help in maintaining fitness by giving regular exercise to the cyclist. However, bicycles need to be serviced regularly, just like all other vehicles. Cycles need to be kept in perfect condition so as to be able to take them along for long rides and weekend family trips. Every Canberra bicyle store provides great services to make sure that your bicycle lasts for a long time without incurring severe damages.

canberra bicyle store

Package 1:

The bicyle store in canberra provides various types of packages which are differently priced. These can be easily availed depending upon the needs and requirements of your bicycles. Usually, a new bicycle can last for six to eight months without being serviced, unless it has suffered a major damage along the way.  Thus, the Canberra bicyle store provides a unique package which can be availed in every twelve months to make sure that your cycle can run longer and is able to provide quality service. This package includes services like a complete cleaning of the bike, nut and bolt adjustments, tyre inspection, lubrication and the likes. Since, the services rendered are many, this is the most expensive package the store offers. But, it is reasonable enough to be availed for the betterment of your cycle.

Package 2:

Every bicyle store Canberra boasts of also provides a second type of package. It is suggested that this service be taken for your bikes every nine months. It includes regular services like chain lubrication, test rides, inspection, nut and bolt adjustments and the like. This can be seen as a great yearly maintenance scheme for your cycles and must be availed by those who own a cycle for more than three to four years. Regular cycle maintenance service from the Canberra bicyle store would make sure that the cycle is up to date and would not malfunction anytime. This package costs lesser than the former package as it has fewer services compared to others, but then some of the services are really not required by cycles as old as three to four years and hence are not included. See more at Box of Bikes

Package 3:

The last package that the stores offer can be used by those who own a very old cycle which might need regular maintenance in as close a time span as six months. In this package, the chains, tyres, gears, nuts and bolts, spare parts and lubrication are checked. A mandatory safety check is also carried out to check its resilience towards damages.

Happy Travelling:

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It is extremely easy to find canberra bicyle store in this area and avail its great packages. Each of them is specifically geared towards the proper maintenance of your bicycles and to let you enjoy a comfortable ride. To know more about these services and packages you can visit

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