How a Responsive Website Design Can Boost Your SEO

With the advent of other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, a lot of web users rely on these devices to access the internet. Is your website adaptable? If not, then you could lose out on potential customers and fail at your search engine optimization too. With reputable web designing companies such as Bricks and Mortar Creative, you can create a responsive web design to ensure the best experience for your users whatever device they use. In addition, you can also improve your SEO performance – hence, it is a win-win situation!
Whether you are hiring a professional to create a Magento website design or wordpress website design, you should focus on responsiveness. A responsive website design can offer a boost in your SEO. Find out how here:
Google Loves Responsive Websites
It is a proven fact and one that SEO experts always recommend to their clients: make your design responsive! You should not just design your website for the PC users; make sure that mobile users will get the same quality and interactive experience on your website too! By doing that, you are able to reach out to more potential customers. And it is always a good idea to do what Google loves – that is, if you want to get ranked faster!
Avoid Duplicity
While Google loves responsive website designs, it hates duplicate content. If you are going to design your website separately (one for the desktop and one of the mobile device), it will be flagged as duplicate content. Since Google does not like duplicate content, your SEO performance could suffer a dip or you could get penalized by Google! Opting for a responsive web design will make it easier since it will adapt according to the device being used to access your website.
Reduced Bounce Rate
If your website is not responsive to a mobile device, mobile users will quickly get out of your website as soon as they click on it! A high bounce rate is not good for your SEO and will cause your ranking on search engines to drop significantly. You need to hire a reliable web design company like Bricks and Mortar Creative to create a responsive design that presents information on a mobile device like it would on a desktop site.
Improve Mobile Search Ranking
As mentioned earlier, more people are now accessing the web through their mobile devices. When you create a responsive design that is fit for mobile users, you will also increase your chances of being ranked in mobile searches. The more visits you can get through mobile search, the better your overall SEO performance will be.
Improved User Experience
Even though the SEO benefits of enhancing the responsiveness of your website, the overall user experience is what you need to focus on. If your website visitors have a good experience on your website during their first visit, you can expect that they will be returning to your website. On the other hand, if they had a bad experience browsing your website, you should not expect them to give you another chance. While it is good to focus on search engine optimization, the real human experience should be your number one priority.
You can get started on improving your website design’s responsiveness today. Choose a company like Bricks and Mortar Creative to create that design you’ve wanted that will be adaptable to any platform!
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Web Developers: 4 Skills That Prove Their Competence

Over the years, some people have argued that web developers and web designers do similar work while others insist their professional skills are different. The truth is that, although they work in the same field, they have different responsibilities. Web developers create websites, but there is a lot more they do beside that. These experts analyze user needs just to make sure the underlying structure, graphics, and content meet the objectives of both the website’s owner and the user. Here are some of the skills almost every web developer Melbourne has pays much attention to.

Page production languages and tools

If a web developer cannot create professional pages, the websites they create would not be as useful as they were intended to be. In most occasions, these professionals use CSS and HTML to create professional pages. Most of these developers use hand-coded HTML to ensure the website owner has better control of the web page regarding functionalities and appearance. Without these basics, the web page you create for your clients would not serve the intended purpose especially if your clients are in business.

web developer melbourne

Effective communication skills

The form of communication involved in internet marketing is usually visual and verbal. Effective communication has more than just exchanging information in an efficient manner. In fact, effective communication is about connecting the writers and readers as well as building relationships. Building these relationships requires any web developer Melbourne has today to understand and analyze the emotions behind the information being presented. Customizing information helps you to meet the reader’s needs and enhance brand awareness.

Project management skills

You can’t just wake up one morning and decide to develop a website for someone before you have thought through the project. Experts with proper project management skills organize, plan, control and analyze the available resources and procedures to ensure the set objectives are effectively met. Even the web designers Melbourne has need this skill if their projects are to be successful. Project management skills help a web developer to set appropriate milestones early and break down the web development project into manageable chunks. This skill helps an expert to see a problem from different angles and come up with efficient solutions.

Online marketing skills

You cannot make the websites you develop efficient for users if you don’t understand search engine optimization basics. SEO is critical for every website since the developed website would not have traffic without it. With this in mind, a web developer Melbourne has can build an optimized website that would serve your purposes in an effective way. Some of the SEO features that channel more traffic to a developed website include title tags, Meta tags, quality backlinks, keyword placement, Sitemap and H1, H2 and H3 tags.

It is possible to excel in any field. However, it is not easy without applying the relevant skills in that particular field. If you are looking for competent web developers Melbourne has to offer, it is important to find out if they are skilled enough. If they don’t seem to have the above skills, you may have to look for other qualified web developers to avoid a shoddy job. Developing a website is never a cheap task especially for a small business person.

Display your products in an artistic manner to attract the target customers

This digital world is aiming to achieve paperless office. But despite this, the modern offices cannot do away with few of the office tools and one such tool or gadget of popularity is the brochure stand. The utility of brochure stands is not limited to offices. In fact, it plays a dominant role in shops and other business establishments.

According to a recent research it has been proven that innovative display holds the key to attract the target customers. This can be achieved by using some of the modern stands, like, for example, foldable stand, curved literature stand, vario stand, expandable brochure stand and cascade stand.

brochure stands

Wider utility:

As far as the business establishment is concerned, artistic display of the product always plays an important role in attracting the attention of target customers. But, while doing so, special care should be taken for display of small articles like the CDs, jewelry and such other products. While displaying such products it should be ensured that the product gets sufficient visibility among the target customers. This can be achieved with the help of exclusively designed brochure stands.

Varieties of designs:

In order to achieve this, you find stands have been introduced that are exclusively designed for displaying items like news papers, catalogue, artifacts, jewelry and various other products. Here again you find stands have been introduced with varying features. For example, in the case of a newspaper stand, you find brochure or display stands in zig zag and in single newspaper display format.

Zig Zag stand:

If you want to put on display more than one brand of newspaper and catalogues, then you may make use the zig zag display stand.  As the very name suggests, this stand is designed in a zig zag format with upper portion of the stand in partially vertical position and the lower portion of the stand in partially horizontal position. Such design allows the customer to have a clear view of the product.

Single display stand:

On the other hand, the single newspaper display stand has a vertically position stand wherein you can display the product/newspaper/catalogue. Below that, you find a tray where the relevant product/newspaper/catalogue is stored. The buyer will view the newspaper displayed on the vertical stand and pick up the newspaper from the tray.

Vertical display stand:

In addition to this, you also find vertical display stand which is popularly called as brochure holder. Such stands are used for displaying single brochure. Such stands are intended to attract the attention of the target customers to the product in question. Click here for Show Off Displays

Made of different materials:

The display stands are available in several sizes, designs and styles. You also find some of the stands are so designed that the size and shape of the stand can be altered by the user to the specific need of the product that is being displayed. Further, the stands are made of various materials like the fiberglass, plastic, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and so on.

Display in a stylish manner:

As already said, the utility of brochure stands is not limited to displaying the brochures. They can be effectively made use of for displaying various other products like the artifacts, jewelry, CDS and so on. As Andrea Buginsky points out, brochure or display stands enables you to display the products of your business including brochures in a stylish manner. The cost of these stands depends on the size, design and the materials used in its making; and anyways, they are available at an affordable price. For more details, just visit

Choosing a tax refund consultant

 Refund consultant specialize in proper documentation and follow up, which results with the crediting of the refund amount of claim in the clients’ account within a reasonable time at an affordable fee, and with regard to the clients’ convenience. A tax refund consultant will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding lost money, says Thomas O Poppenhouse. Money issues tend to be very crucial and sensitive. At one point or another you may need to hire a refund consultant and to ensure all your needs for refund are catered for it’s important to choose carefully. This article highlights points to consider when hiring a tax refund consultant.

Technical expertise

The first factor to consider is the technical expertise. It is very unfortunate that a large number of refund consultants only know about the simple tax laws, while having no clue about the technical issues that surround unique businesses which often than not a client has. This expertise is shown by knowledge of both the simple and technical laws to ensure maximum benefit. Your consultant should be informed saving you from having to explain your challenges to him or her.

refund consultant


This industry is known to be tough and lack of knowledge and experience may cost you a lot of money. It is crucial to hire a refund consultant who not only has experience but also a reputable track record of successfully achieving records and returns back to their customers. A consultant with experience knows the system in and out; this will especially come in handy in the writing of your claim where if a mistake is made, it will either be denied or go through at a lower percentage, thus reducing your refund amount.

Knowledge of laws

Another important area that your prospective consultant should be conversant is tax laws. This area is very wide as there are volumes of tax laws that might affect the amount of tax you pay or get refunded. A consultant with deep knowledge of these laws is very crucial. They should be attending courses, briefings, seminars and taking additional courses to ensure they are up to date with these laws.


A consultant who pays attention to detail is a life saver. The process involved in reviewing, assessing, preparing and appealing your tax claim is not easy; in fact, it borders to be very difficult. While making your decision, ensure your prospective consultant has a system with a detailed and scheduled attendance to every matter. He or she should be able to give you a standard procedure with regard to the initial assessment, paperwork, amendments, and contractors all the way to inclusion of the necessary references and explanations that give your claim substance and provide you detailed reports that outline all the areas of your claim. If he or she is not able to do this, it’s advisable to see a more qualified refund consultant with Create Australia.

In addition to these, keep your consultant close and your books in line. For information on how to become a refund consultant, visit

Why You Need a Moissanite Ring for Your Engagement

An engagement is one of the most important rites of passage in people’s lives and what better to symbolize this milestone than a beautiful engagement ring. They are a symbol of commitment, excitement in the bright future together and the shared dreams. For many people, it’s until it gets to the time that they are to cross this milestone that they start thinking about the engagement rings. Moissanite and colored gemstones are two of the biggest trends in engaging rings today. While they were not popularized in the 90s, the moissanite rings have gained popularity for themselves over the years. A moissanite is the most durable crystal structure that was only reacting to rigs in 95.

Refractive Index

They come in a variety of sizes and thus it’s much easier to find a preferable style, the size as well as the shape than any other ring in the market. The reason for this is that the rings are known to have a refractive index of 2.65 which is by far much higher than that of sapphire and other gemstones. Additionally, as a result of the refractive index, the rings have an impressive brilliance.

Beautiful Colors

Moissanites have the flash of colored light which is more than that of diamond as well. When it comes to clarity too, all the rings of the moissanite have a similar clarity that is high and with low inclusions. In fact, it’s said that only about 10% of the diamond rings have the same clarity as the moissanite rings. The rings also come with great luster which is said to be 18 % greater than that of a diamond.


It’s Durable

Most purchases of moissanite have a lifetime guarantee (check : and the reason for this is the durability. When it comes to the structural toughness, the moissanite is said to be much tougher than the diamonds and outrank almost all other gems in the world in durability. The rings are hard as well. This means that they are resistant to scratches and abrasions. Click here for

Moissanite vs. Diamond

The moissanite is one ring that gives diamond rings a run for their money. In fact, there are people that argue that it surpasses diamonds in many ways. One of them is the cost. While it’s affordable, the ring is also quite stunning and therefore a much better choice than diamond.  Even better is that this affordable option has more brilliance, and sparkle.

 It’s clear that the moissanite does not lose its properties over time but particles can pile up. That’s why it’s very pertinent that you maintain your ring. An easy way to keep it clean is by removing it with soap or even a toothbrush and then put a few gentle strokes. There are many reasons as stated that put the moissanite rings as the best choice when it comes to choosing the best rings available.  They are very eye appealing and crafted to perfection. Also, these are extremely durable, and therefore, the best way to represent your love.

Canvas Prints Online – Get High Quality Multiple Prints

With the gift-giving season around the corner, we’re all hoping to find goldmine ideas when it comes to giving gifts, and some of these ideas, though may not be too innovative in 2016, still look attractive! A novel one that is much appreciated by people who love expressing creativity, or those looking for that special touch to get the right, desirable vibes in their personal space, is to get canvas prints customised with an image they exactly want. With customised prints, it is also possible for you to turn artworks or images into a number of prints and give them to other people you know would much appreciate them. Making and giving copies of a particular image using the latest inkjet technology, be it your childhood pics or that contemporary painting your loved one has been swooning over, is very promising when it comes to bringing happiness to others this season. For this, it is possible to buy canvas prints online for yourself or even for you to give away.

Quite a Purposeful Exercise

Art is a creative work and the artist paints only one-of-a-kind and depending on its popularity, the painting gets sold and resold till it reaches a collector or an enthusiast. Now, others may not get the opportunity to see these paintings and enjoy them. Some replicas are definitely made at times, but they also may be out of reach of many people. This has led to this idea of transferring the painting on to canvas prints through the use of inkjet printing technology and these prints are known as giclée prints. Many copies can be made and one nice painting can go on to adorn the walls of many homes. People can buy these canvas prints online even.


Different Designs and Shapes

Those who do this printing have the option to make the prints and put them out in the market in different sizes and shapes. Obviously, the buyers will be there from different backgrounds; residents of small and large homes, offices and institutions and then the commercial premises like malls and theatres. So the canvas prints online can be picked in rectangle, square and panoramic shapes.Read more at Inkfx Printing

Large Range of Sizes in Each

Within each of these shapes, also, one can pick from a wide range of sizes. For example, the rectangle canvas prints are available from a small 8 x 10inches print to 40 x 78inches print. The same is for the other shapes as well. You can order these prints of any painting with further detailed instructions on the edges, cropping and resizing of the image and so on. Once you have made all these selections and ordered the number of prints you need, you can make the payment and check out. The supplier will charge you for deliveries, except where you opt to pick up from their outlet in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Quality and Warranty

The canvas prints you order come with a quality assurance from the printers and according to their website, these prints can last as long as 200 years if they are hung indoors and regular care is taken. There is even a replacement warranty if you found the print not up to your satisfaction on receipt, no questions asked. With these assurances, the customers feel comfortable uploading their valuable paintings online and get prints made. If you are moving into a new house of your own, what better way than to have 1 or 2 prints for each of the rooms to lift their aesthetic looks?

Getting one or multiple prints made in canvas of nice works of art is a great way to enjoy the paintings and let others also into the fun.

Tips To Make Content Marketing Successful

You may come across a number of articles, blog posts, comments and opinions on the social media sites, reviews, videos, photos, images and so on and all these are nothing but various types of contents. Whatever may be your intention to look at them or read them, the fact that they can influence many of your decisions is irrefutable. Whether you are an individual or an entrepreneur, you may need guidance for making your purchase decisions and contents may provide such a useful guidance. If you are an entrepreneur, you can rely upon content marketing for influencing the decisions of potential customers as well as your present customers.
Another benefit of content marketing is that your business gets sustainable exposure and such a consistent exposure may do a world of good for retaining your leads and for adding new ones. The best advantage is that the cost of content marketing is much less than what you may incur for other marketing methods like giving ads on the electronic and print media. A survey reveals that article marketing can generate more number of leads than traditional marketing techniques.

But, when you begin your content marketing, you should bear in mind a few points:
* You should know your target audience and devise your plans accordingly.
* Your website must be ready and should have been hosted properly. Users should find your website elegant and useful. They should not find it difficult to navigate on your site. Above all, there should be original contents on your site. You should include other aspects like the contact information, reviews and testimonials and if necessary, a good blog that provides the visitors with a lot of useful information.
* If you want your content marketing to be successful, you must be connected on the social media. Social networking sites are getting more and more popular and you cannot ignore their usefulness. If you use these sites properly, you can vastly improve the exposure of your business.
* You must determine the contents you want to create. It is not prudent if you create contents that do not have any relevance to your field. Further, the article writing strategy you devise should be focused on providing useful and innovative information to your customers. If you want content service or article service, you can look for companies that offer such services. They may have trained and highly efficient article writers with them and these professionals may make available to you impeccable, effective, high quality, specific, compelling and relevant contents. As the owner of the business, you should discuss with the writers and make collaborative efforts to explore and find out those topics that may engage your audience. One of the ideas is to put yourself in the shoes of the customers and find out what they expect from you.
* You should monitor if your content marketing or article marketing is getting the traffic you desire to have. This will help you to change your approaches or strategies because your aim is to choose the strategy that works well for your business.
* You should never believe any content marketing or article marketing company that promises instant results because these types of strategies are long term strategies but, they will provide your business with a strong foundation.

The purpose of content marketing is to build strong relationships with your customers and since this strategy can get your business sustainable exposure, you can succeed in this aim. Content marketing will certainly work because the Internet is full of contents and customers depend upon the Internet for all their needs. But, if you want to have maximum benefits from your content marketing efforts, you should act as a reliable guide and not as a sales person.